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iPhone layout help - Hiding Status/Toolbar

Question asked by RussW on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by RussW

I'm creating my first FMGo layout for iPhone. Testing it on iPhone 5. I want to hide the menu bar and the bottom toolbar.


No problem hiding the menu. But I am having something really weird going on with the bottom toolbar. I have tried every combination and permutation of commands. I turned off toolbars in File > Options. I do a Hide Toolbar in my script immediately after (and I've tried before as well) the Go To Layout command. But the toolbar is always there showing the user the buttons to navigate records.


So, I added a button to my layout and linked the button to the Hide Toolbar step with Toggle. When I use the button, it works. The toolbar goes away, just like I want, and I can make it reappear and back and forth. But as a script step, nada.


Here's my very simple code:


If  [  $$Device_Type = "Phone" ]

     Set Allowed Orientations   [ Portrait:Off; Portrait Upside Down:Off; Landscape Left:On; Landscape Right:On        ]

     Go to Layout  [  “Hourly Report By Date for Phone” (Date)    ]

     Re-Login  [ Account Name:  "Viewer"; Password: "*******" ]  [ No dialog ]

     Show/Hide Menubar [ Hide ]

     Show/Hide Toolbars [ Include Edit Record Toolbar; Hide ]

End If


What am I not seeing here?