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server: local file using hosted files as external datasource

Question asked by rainer.standke on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2015 by wimdecorte

I am working on something that has a local fmp file use a hosted fmp file as an external datasource. Basically, the local file transfers information to the hosted file (on FM Server) by way of passing parameters between scripts. The limitation that I am running into is that when the hosted file is already opened on the local machine (via Open Remote...) then the script fails with an error like this: "[hosted file] is currently in use and could not be opened.  If the file is shared, you can use the Open Remote command to open the file on the network.  (If you’ve opened the file before, check the Open Recent menu.)". The peculiar thing is it's already open, but obviously the script doesn't recognize that. There are work-arounds, obviously you can close the hosted file. But this is very inconvenient, and it gets worse. When information needs to be transferred from 2 different local files, then the same problem happens.


I gather that theproblem is that hosted files can only have one connection opened to them at a time, and obviously an open window and the use as an external datasource each count as a seperate connection. When I have the script debugger stop on errors, I get "FMP error 803 file is single user or host cannot be found", which seems to support this idea.


This behaviour only occurs when one of the files is hosted, and the other one is not. When both files are either local or hosted, then everything is fine, and the file can be already opened when running the scripts.


Finally, here is my question: Is there a way around this limitation? Maybe some way to configure the server?


All of this is happening with FM Advanced 14 on a Mac (the local machine) and FM Server 14 on Windows.


Thanks for any help you might be able to provide,