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    Why won't my calculation work? (works in Data Viewer)


      Hi, I'm David.  I'm new to this forum.  I hope one of you experts can help me.


      My filemaker solution is a legal-oriented solution.  Among many others, I have a matters table and layout.


      I have a Custom Function that creates a list of items from a filtered portal.  On the matters layout, I have a portal is showing records from an Events table that is filtered to show events that are due today.    When I am on the matters layout, if I go to Data Viewer and use the Custom Function, I get the correct result (i.e. it will give me a list of the items in the portal).


      However, if I try to create a calculation field in the matters table, using the exact same syntax I've used in Data Viewer (the result is set to Text) I get no results.   Shouldn't the calculation be giving me the exact same results as I'm seeing in Data Viewer?


      Please help.