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Why FM Devp. team not focus in Older FM Versions & Compatible OS Platforms?

Question asked by Suresh on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2015 by Suresh

Dear Admins & Experts,


Actually i just need to know why FileMaker Development team not giving focus for older versions which compatible for Windows?!


For an Example(Just for Example only):-  For Android OS, which gives supports their apps for compatible in older versions too, same like FileMaker is subsidiary for Apple, Inc. right? Why they are not focus in Older Windows OS Platform which compatible for FileMaker versions?

Why they gives their full support to iOS Platform only, compared from iOS users Windows users are larger, isn't it?


We wish to use FileMaker 14 with Windows XP OS like, because too interest to work with it, but we cant buy Newer OS because of between working with lot of privileges on a company, what kind hardwares they provide only need to work with it!


Hope many people will understand this what I come to say!


// If this questions doesn't make sense, please forgive and suggest me


Thanks in advance,