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    Create folder


      Is it possible to create a folder, using FM script alone (ie. no plugin or scripting external to FM) where my Runtime solution could specify the name and where the folder sits (eg. Desktop or Documents).


      Get(Directory) seems to get a user to the directory, but allows a users to 'mess up' in creating/naming a folder. I'd like to control the whole process if possible.

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          Good Question!!

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            Natively, not.


            Without plugins: yes (Applescript)


            see here.

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              Windows users can use "Send Event"

              Send Event [ "cmd /c md " & Quote ( Replace ( Get ( DesktopPath ) ; 1; 1; "") & "folde rname" ) ]

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                Maybe you try a plugin?

                There are a lot of plugins around, some are even free.

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                  Plugins: Are there any that are free and would do the job for both Windows/Mac?


                  .......And to Apple........it's ridiculous that get(directory) can't do the whole job instead of a half-cocked one!

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                    360Works ScriptMaster

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                      ..and to be fair it does half of the job you're working on right now. Over the years the lack of get (directory), alone, has been the missing link that has sent me to find plugins like scriptmaster. With this step those processes can be plugin-free.


                      I'm known to rant and grumble, too. I also agree that some built-in file tools, like moving and renaming files and folders, are a natural "next step" as we're able to do more things with containers, base64, export/import, etc.


                      I'd rather not castigate the folks at FM for adding a very useful script step along the way, though. It's incremental, and we'll never have new features, with FM or anything else, fast enough. Someone, somewhere, has the thankless job of prioritizing new features, and no matter what they choose, someone's going to feel they chose wrong, or didn't do the "whole job".


                      "Ridiculous" is a bit over the top, though. I, for one, would like to pause to say "thank you" for the new feature before demanding requesting the next one.


                      Not trying to be a moderator, here, or a corporate shill. Just trying to talk you off the ledge. Anyone who knows me knows I need a reminder from time to time, myself.


                      Chris Cain


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                        tays01s wrote:

                        .......And to Apple...


                        The company you mean is called FileMaker, Inc.


                        And I think the free, cross-platform BaseElements plug-in is easier to use than ScriptMaster.

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                          Markus Schneider

                          well.. can it be done?

                          - Yes! There are quite a few plugins for that.

                          -> therefore, IMHO not top priority (if any)

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                            OK FM Inc and to quote 'to be fair...', yes, Get(Directory) IS v. useful, so useful it's does seem 'odd' the thud into a block part-way to solving the problem......my 2nd in 24h!


                            Will the Base elements plugin function in Runtimes I distribute? Something put me off using them for another purpose to do with Runtimes..........perhaps it was maintenance.

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                              Benjamin Fehr

                              BaseElements (free) like other PlugIns work perfectly with Runtimes.


                              You should check this approach by Salient Consulting anyway. Looks like there's a way without Plugs!

                              Creating OS Folders with FileMaker - Soliant Consulting

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                                -> therefore, IMHO not top priority (if any)


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                                  All this is wrong.


                                  It's wrong to expect free plugins doing things FM should do,

                                  It's wrong to pay for plugins that do what Filemaker should do,


                                  and so on, you can imagine and fill the next 10 lines

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                                    Benjamin Fehr

                                    We have to take what we get

                                    Free BaseElements Plug solves very much of our demands.

                                    If I had to decide today to purchase a PlugIn, it would be MBS.

                                    Didn't check this soliant work around but it looks promising.


                                    It's wrong to expect free plugins doing things FM should do,

                                    It's wrong to pay for plugins that do what Filemaker should do,



                                    You missed the FMK 2016 in Hamburg where everybody had the opportunity to talk to FMI execs. face-to-face.

                                    We told them that we're …ehm … not quite satisfied with the way they work …

                                    oh, c'mon. You know how I use to address issues!

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