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Subsummary answer ID: 6198

Question asked by wcallman on Oct 17, 2015

I used answer ID: 6198 as a potential solution to a subsummary problem I was having.

The solution works but only if you have a data file that contains just three fields add a forth or fifth field

into a datafile, as simple as a date and the use the recommended script it only brings back the first

record total and does summarizes.

Fields in database:

E_Control Number       type: number

E_Date                          type: date

E_Estimate Number      type: number

E_Referral                     type: text

E_Total Job Cost           type: number

E_totalsales                   type: summary


Following the all recommended steps in ID: 6198 using E_Referral (subbing for region), E_Total Job Cost (subbing for amount), and E_totalsales (for TotalSales), and setting up the script verbatim, the solution when it is in a new layout only brings back the first record of data.


HOWEVER, when I extract E_Referral, E_Total Job Cost and set up everything else in a stand alone database, the solution works perfectly.


Does anyone have any thoughts?