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Help With Songwriter Database

Question asked by MattThomas on Oct 16, 2015
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Although I am not new to Filemaker and have built several very simple databases, I know have to build a slightly more complex one which might be childs play to you guys ......


This is for a music database, to list writers and what songs they have written.


The user needs to be able to enter the name of a songwriter in the first field, followed by their compositions individually in the second field.

The song entry needs to be a single field, but once the user has typed in the name of the song they get an "add another" option in the same place.

I would then like each song added to be entered into a separate SONG database.

Here's a rough workflow:



User enters writers name

Use enters First Song Name

User get option to add another song, and another etc .....

Song(s) added individually to a SONG database

If user enters the name of a song that already exists in the SONG database, it will offer up autofill options


The song database needs to cross reference back. Many songs have 4 or 5 writers, so the same song can appear multiple times by different writers. So for example If the user then looked up SONG A in a search field in the song database, then all the writers of that song would show up.


I am able to build the artist database and the song database, but I am not able to do the "Add Another Song", all I can do is create 100's of separate fields, or 1 data entry box where they are all listed together. And I am able to build a song database but not cross reference them so if I click on a song then all the writers come up. I would love it if someone could steer my in the right direction!?


Thanks a lot.