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sheet with timestamps, statuses - relationships & structure?

Question asked by jbroderick57 on Oct 16, 2015



Trying to design a sign-in sheet for attendance tracking.  Each sign-in sheet is a different date.  There are members of the group who normally sign-in and write their times.  Sometimes they have a substitute take their place.


I have a table for Sign-in Sheet and one for the Member information.


I have a portal showing all the members.  My objective is to have a button that timestamps their "in" time into the "Time In" field.


I also have a "Sub" field in Sign-in Sheet, which is a drop down with values Yes and No with the default set at "No" for substitute.


My challenge is figuring out the best structure for the relationship and the table certain fields go in.


If I need to see each persons attendance later by date, what is the best method to keep and view the records later?  It seems like putting the timestamp in the Sign-in context wants to duplicate the same time for all members.


Should I create a Meeting table that gets the fields set with all the members and use that like a line items portal in an invoice? 


That's the other challenge when I make a new sheet if I use a join table, it seems like I have to start out with each Member having a new record created for that date along with status fields.  Do I loop through all the members, setting new records for each as I go?


Trying to show 34 members on the Sign in sheet with a portal and then have all separate timestamps and statuses for sub or no sub seemed like it would be easy but it's a bit tricky and I feel like I'm bumping into a wall.