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Cant select 'Mark as Helpful'

Question asked by Suresh on Oct 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by mark_baum

Dear Admins & Experts,


I put one post in our Discussion page, one expert replied for that question. But I cant tagging it as a "Helpful Answer". Why?


Actually I know the basic privilege of Jive Community that:

When a discussion thread is marked as a question, the following kind of users can mark replies as Helpful / Correct answers:

  1.   The user who posted that question
  2.   Group, Project owners where the question was posted
  3.   Community Admins


But here i'm the user who posted that discussion as question, but cant select expert's Answer as "Helpful", Why? Can be Resolve?

Cant mark it as useful.JPG

Thanks in Advance,