What can make FM14 webdirect screens stop flickering?

Discussion created by user16545 on Oct 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2015 by Markus Schneider

Hi all,


our application is a 100% FMS14 / FMPA14 Web Direct application.


every new screen keeps flickering when styles are being applied to the layout objects .

And YES: every individual object and the background on every layout have clearly defined webstyles.

This doesn't stay unnoticed to our customers.
It is shameful for us and makes a very unprofessional impression.

The application runs on a Windows 2012 server with 3 concurrent users max.

Server Specs:
Quadcore 2,5 Ghz,  16GB mem of which 7GB allocated to the database server.

Nework specs:

Network capacity at the hosting side is 1 GBPS.
Network capacity at the client side is 100 MBPS.

There is no need to have a 2 server implementation with so few users!


Why do we, Filemaker Developers, have this problem and other web developers not?


We invested ten years in the development of this web based application.
It used to perform fine in FMS12 / FMPA12 with Instant Web Publishing.


We have no alternative than to work in Web Direct.
It's the only Development environment we are familiar with.

The screens must have this  # of fields.

And we did not pay > € 1.000 to just include 5 or 6 fields on each layout, come on!

My conclusion can be no other than that Filemaker provides us, developers, with an immature web development environment.

@ Colleague Web Direct developers: do you have similar experiences with FMS14 Web Direct?
@ Colleague Web Direct developers: do you have any tips to reduce this embarrasing screen flickering?

@ Filemaker: when can we, developers, expect a solution for this unprofessional issue?