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    Fms server 14.0.3 crashes daily


      Since upgraded from Filemaker Server 13 to 14 we have daily crashes of custom web publishing.


      This happens,

      - Filemaker server starts and run for a couple of hours

      - Java process slowly eats up all availible memory (around 2GB (machine has 4GB total))

      - After all memory is taken cwp doesn't respond anymore

      - after about 30 minutes cwp starts working again. If you want it to start working earlier you have to manually restart WPE


      We run,

      Filemaker server 14.0.3

      jre 1.8.0 31

      Windows Server 2012 R2

      Filemaker users are around 12 and cwp requests would be around 100/hour


      Restaring the WPE makes java release all memory


      Nedless to say. This is crippeling our business and we need a solution yesterday.