PSOS crashes FileMaker since upgrading to FM14

Discussion created by reis on Oct 19, 2015

Hi guys,


I have a few strange issues occurring, only since upgrading the clients' server to FM14.


When a script tries to 'Perform Script on Server', it crashes the client FileMaker Pro. Ive tested it out with a few different scripts to perform, so it's definitely the action of attempting to run the PSOS script step, and not the actual script it's attempting to run.


It seems there are a few issues ocurring since the upgrade to FM14 Server, the other being that the script that runs on the server used to send emails out via HTTP POST to There was no issue back on FM13 Server, but now it won't send the emails. However, it does work if I click through the script steps via script debugger. But if I leave it for the script to run itself it doesn't work.


I really don't understand what's causing this, and I've spent hours going through it all. It was all fine before the upgrade to FM14!


I'd appreciate any help on this!! Thank you!