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    Sliding and Hiding when printing


      Hello everyone!


      I have a layout that I'm using for a report, which has numerous fields within the body part and some of these I wish to hide for certain records and then show other fields for certain records. The show hide object works fine for the logical aspect of this, however, the fields can be quite large in size and so if the field is hidden, I want the other fields below it to slide up, sadly I can't seem to make this happen.


      Apart from over-lapping multiple fields on the layout, is there another way of doing this?

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               Have you tried using Insert > Merge Field... instead of the actual fields. They can be hidden the same as actual fields.


          Al Quimby

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            Yeah, just does not work as well for what I'm attempting...


            The layout I'm creating is quite tricky...

            I'm going to take a break from it and look upon it with fresh eyes.

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              Well, you could make one big text calculation field full of concatenations and Case statements for the fields you want sometimes hidden.


              "Tricky" layouts are often tricky to print.

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                damn fine idea...

                I also have some graphic objects displaying in containers on certain parts of the layout, so I am hoping that I will be able to make sub summary parts that only contain the first few pixels of the graphic, so that on some parts the graphic displays and on other parts there is no gawd awful white space where there is no graphic.


                This is becoming a bigger task than what I expected, but at least it's a challenge.


                The overall report looks like this:

                Part 1. Title Header with text and graphic

                Part 2. page 2: graphic/text and small portal with headers for following part

                Part 3. page 3: body text specific to page 2 with a graphic at the bottom of each page

                Part 4. at the end of page 3 or beginning of page 4, headings for subsequent body part

                Part 5. pages 4 to 24 body text specific to Part 4 headings

                Part 6. another page of text/graphics


                so, in affect I sort of need two body parts, so I'm using sub summary parts and showing/hiding fields within the body for each part, which is ugly enough... but even more so, the graphics and text in the sub summary part for one part is much bigger than the other part and this is where it gets REALLY ugly. More tweaking is required, but your idea might help a great deal

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                  I get a "damn fine idea" every once in awhile.


                  Sounds like you might have to break this up into several layouts and print each separately.


                  I'd be glad to try to help you, but you'd have to post the file for that.

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                    yeah, perhaps you're right. Trying to be too clever can get you un-glued.


                    This is totally against how I normally do things, I would normally split things into multiple layouts, however... it just annoyed me somewhat when looking at this, because I would have thought that hiding an object then means other objects will slide as if that hidden object does not exist... does not seem to be the case.