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    Best Java Version for Windows FM Server 14


      The other night I was in the server admin console, and I was closing a file, then putting in a new one and then opening it.  In the process the admin console locked up.  So I closed Internet Explorer (no judging, that's all that's on this server).  I opened it up again and the console page responded with an error.  During this time there was a java process running that was using 50% of the 2x quad core 2.8ghz xeon's in the machine.  That Java process took about 10 minutes to run.


      After java was done with whatever it was doing, I was able to open up the fm server admin console.  The log file there said that the fmadmin app had crashed and the app took about a minute to restart.


      For those wondering, it's a raid 10 setup, 2x quad core, 50 or so GB of ram, etc.  At the time I think there was 1 other user on connecting to a different file (and this user would never connect to the file I was closing).


      So it made me wonder if there was an ideal version of java that works great with fm server 14 and windows 2012 r2, Current version is 1.80_31  looks like java has a 1.80_60 available.

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          Thank you for your post.

          It looks like the Tested and Recommended version is JRE 1.8.0_31 per Knowledge Base Article #13465. However, newer versions of Java 8 should work as well with FileMaker Server 14.0.1 or newer. Is this fmadmin crash persistent or has it been a one time issue?

          I hope this information is of use!


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            This was a one time issue.  I generally try to never open the fms admin console while the server is actually being used, as the console itself seems to be a bit java hungry in general.  It was enough of a concern though to make me think twice to ever open the console during normal business hours.


            Seems kind of silly to have an almost server crashing issue caused by an admin console.  Never had that happen with MYSQL.


            Since it was java that had the issue, I first thought it was a java version thing.

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              I am using JRE 8.60 without issues.


              I did have issues with the FMS14 JRE installer. It kept hanging and would not install JRE. Had to force quit the FMS installer and update JRE manually then run the FMS14 installer.