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Best Java Version for Windows FM Server 14

Question asked by mattel on Oct 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by bigtom

The other night I was in the server admin console, and I was closing a file, then putting in a new one and then opening it.  In the process the admin console locked up.  So I closed Internet Explorer (no judging, that's all that's on this server).  I opened it up again and the console page responded with an error.  During this time there was a java process running that was using 50% of the 2x quad core 2.8ghz xeon's in the machine.  That Java process took about 10 minutes to run.


After java was done with whatever it was doing, I was able to open up the fm server admin console.  The log file there said that the fmadmin app had crashed and the app took about a minute to restart.


For those wondering, it's a raid 10 setup, 2x quad core, 50 or so GB of ram, etc.  At the time I think there was 1 other user on connecting to a different file (and this user would never connect to the file I was closing).


So it made me wonder if there was an ideal version of java that works great with fm server 14 and windows 2012 r2, Current version is 1.80_31  looks like java has a 1.80_60 available.