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    How many concurrent connections on FMS 14?


      I am currently in the process of developing a solution on FM14 and needed to know how many concurrent connections does this platform support.  I have a prospective client with 1000 employees,so wanted to know what would be the best method to deploy my solution using FM14.



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          This has been answered in the past:

          FMS 14 connections - is 100 a hard limit or a recommendation?


          Have you done research on how those 1000 users connect? WebDirect is probably not for you, a combination of filemaker pro and go is more likely. However to support that many people, you're looking at some seriously robust planning and hardware requirements and advanced modeling to get that to work well.

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            Currently, they are using 5 Oracle Application Servers as the middleware that connects to the database server.   We demo the  solution and they want to move over to our application, which is a FM14 platform.   Any ideas??

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              Keep in mind it's concurrent connections. The fact that they have 1000 employees doesn't necessarily mean they're all attaching at the same time.


              That said, pay close attention to Mike B's advice. WebDirect places a heavier demand on the server than the Pro / Advanced client. So make sure your solution is carefully optimized, even if you only have 50 of the 1000 attached at the same time, because you might just hit a peak every so often.

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                You can connect to the oracle middleware with ODBC. You would need (for practical purposes) 4 filemaker servers (tested "practical" limit of 250 users). You would also need to update your database to be transactional to handle the record locking and such across 4 servers, if you're not already using the data separation model you'll have to move to that as well. Then there's the licensing, 1000 filemaker pro licenses plus 5 licenses of FMS.


                Going out on a limb here, but Oracle's probably doing it's database operations faster than what you are doing out of the box with FileMaker, so you're going to have to invest heavily in hardware and WAN development optimization.


                If you *wanted* to do this in webdirect, you'd need around ten filemaker servers following the same logic. It's possible, but I don't think it's practical. You still can't print or save PDFs in WebDirect very well, and depending on what kind of data you're dealing with the connectivity to oracle may be an issue.


                It might be worth your time to just use your filemaker solution as a mockup, and hire an experienced UI/UX coder to translate it into a web distributed application similar to what your client is probably already using. You'll lose a lot but it might be the right choice for your client.


                There are hundreds of things to consider in a project this size. To answer your question, yes it's possible using the filemaker platform. You need to understand that projects of this magnitude though come with their own special sets of challenges that can give you much frustration that will bleed over the relationship with your client. You need to have a rock solid plan and quote made before you lift a finger to continue.

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                  That's also why I wanted to know how the users were connecting. Is it 1000 people all at once, or split among shifts? Is it a mission critical app that is always open? Are they all remote, how many locations? All using PC/Mac, or iPads / surfaces / phones / etc...?


                  There's a lot of advice we CAN'T give and only speculate on without knowing the intimate details of the project.

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                    New Request :  FMS Cluster !!  ;-)

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                      You can already "cluster" servers by setting up a server-to-server sync. Products like MirrorSync can do this. Also, technically using a second server for WPE is a cluster.

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                        MikeB -- Thanks so much for your comments.   Just wanted to let you know that they are moving away from Oracle, so there will not be any ODBC connection at all.  Initially, we will use the ODBC connection to the Oracle Database to export the data and then import into FM.    In terms of how many real concurrent connections we are looking at, there are about 800 out 1,000 users logged into the system at any given time. The plan is to have all the users log into the FM solutions through FM Pro and those with remote rights to be able to connect using FM Go (those are under 100 users with remote access).  As you may or may not know, managing and maintaining and Oracle environment is very expensive all around (support, licenses,  hardware and development).   The FM solution is very similar to that of the Oracle Forms and Reports they are currently using, but a much better UX with all sorts of added benefits and features sets,    Your suggestions with multiple servers is similar to what is happening now with 5 Oracle Apps (FMS) connecting to one Oracle Database.  The network is a private MPLS right now, so it will boiled down to making sure that the 5 FMS servers are in a super duper hardware box that can each handle 250 concurrent connections.   Is there any documentation or sites you can point me to regarding clustering FM servers or implementing FM to a big environment?


                        Thanks so much.....

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                          Hi Mike,

                          This scheme is a good idea to structures 5-95 (5% IO - 95% query), the orchestrator, synchronize the information in the query layer.


                          This scheme was used on Wall Stress (2004-2007 approx.). The HPNonStop / Oracle servers captured the tickets ... and orchestrator synchronized to Linux / MySQL (all queries were directed to MySql).


                          With a 50% -50% scheme (and high levels of concurrency), ... queries may shed some inconsistencies.


                          Personally, I think any DB should be allowed to be installed on cluster. (scalability), otherwise, regardless of the characteristics of FMS (unlimited concurrency),... limitation always exist, ..conditional on (single) node server. "The ideal is FMS v45 -> cluster native"