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    Filemaker crashes




      I have a huge problem with my Filemaker Database. In one of my tables (documents) filemaker crashes when I try to change a textfield. I have no clue where that's coming from, because it only happens with several records. Some work just fine, some crash. And I can redo the crash, because it always happens with the some record.


      I've tried deleting that record and recreating it, and it still happens.



      Is there any way I can see where that problem is coming from?

      Might it be that my DB has some errors? So can I have FM rebuilt the DB?

      Is there any solution?


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          What crashes FMS or FMP?

          Are you hosting from FMS?

          Did you look at the crash logs?

          If you are running on OSX are you looking at the OS crash log for FMP if FMP client is crashing? Not sure where this is for Windows but I assume it exists.

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            Hey, thanx for your answer


            I'm running FM Pro Advanced 13 on a mac mini. DB is shared over client.


            I access the DB via Mac and Win, and both Filemaker Pro Advanced (14 on Mac and 13 on PC) crash. The client sharing the DB is still running without a problem.


            crash logs?? in console? it says the same as the report, after forcing FM to quit?!?!?!? It's a huge file and i don't understand anything...

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              For OSX you will have some info in console at the time of the crash/lockup. If you are having to force quit that is not exactly the same as crashing, but if you ever get an actual OSX crash report that may have some answers. You can post the crash report text here as well as the console entries. The important parts are the crashed thread number and info and the memory usage.


              Does this happen on the FMP13 and FMP14 client?


              This could be a corrupt database or layout. The following link might be helpful. Creating a new layout from scratch can also help. I once had a bad layout that only crashed for some reason on iOS layout changes. Made a new one and was good to go.

              What to do when your file is corrupt | FileMaker


              Not sure exactly what you are changing or how it is related to any other data, but if you find yourself in some weird loop in the data or scripts it can run off and lock up and crash the client as well. In this case it is a design issue.


              FM does not have a de-corruption service that I know of. I think that might be impossible.