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How to track and follow discussions?

Question asked by AjEGfmTech on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2015 by beverly

In the new FileMaker Community, how does one track and follow discussions? I found a discussion I wanted to follow, to keep track of and be able to easily find again. I saw a button for 'Follow' and clicked on that. The options were to follow in a 'Connection Stream' and/or 'Inbox'. I didn't want things in my Inbox, I thought I would save the Inbox for actual correspondence, so I just selected 'Connection Stream'. Sounds good, right? But where did it go? How do I get access to this 'Connection Stream'. I looked in 'My Places'. Nope. I looked in 'Discussions'. Nope. I looked under my user menu > Inbox & Activity? Nope. I cannot find this discussion I followed anywhere? So what's the point of the 'follow'?


I also 'bookmarked' the discussion to see what methods were available to track things. I took me a fair amount of time to find my bookmarks. Again, I tried the same places I had when I was looking for the 'followed' discussion. It wasn't in ANY of those places, not even under my own profile area. Eventually, accidentally, I found the bookmarks in the 'Search the Community'. After clicking that box to enter some search criteria I noticed that the popup listed an option to view my bookmarks. Really? That is the only way to find what you've bookmarked?


Can anyone provide some assistance as to how to follow and recall discussions I'm interested in? It would be appreciated.