Resuming Scripts that have been paused

Discussion created by sreese on Oct 19, 2015



I have been using FileMaker 14, and for the most part I have really loved it. I have a couple of things that have really been stupid learning curves for me that I wouldn't have noticed before.


The one big one was figuring out how to resume a script in 14. In the older versions it was really easy to do because there was a drop down on the right hand side where you could quickly choose resume script. After working at it for quite some time (more time than I will admit here) I pulled up the older version of FileMaker to remember how I used to do it. Once I saw that I was able to quickly figure it out in 14. They have hidden it at the bottom of the button menu with a drop down.



I don't know why I didn't think to look under options for the step. I thought I might put it here so it would be easy to find so anyone googling "How to resume a paused script in FileMaker 14" might stumble across this post and save themselves a headache.


I generally like the new UI, but I don't like that they have hidden things that were completely obvious in older versions of the program.


The other one that really got me was the portals with the need to switch to portal row to change the background color rather than portal. That one took me a couple of minutes to figure out when I first started.


Anyhow, if you have any other of these gotchas to share I would appreciate it. It may save myself or someone else time in the future!