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    Filemaker Help


      Why is it that in Windows there is an excellent search side bar (on the left) and not in OS X? There is "Greyed-out" symbol upper left just right of the left and right arrows, which doesn't seem to function. Can anyone tell me how to get to the "Side Bar" in OS X?

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          1) your "greyed out" field functions, but it's not a search field, it's a "go to record number" field.


          2) make your window bigger, you will get a search field in the top bar


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            Hi siplus


            Thanks for your reply. I see that i have not made my question clear.

            I am referring to the filemaker help window and that fact that in this window on "Windows" there is an excellent side bar with a search function. This side bar is not seen in OS X although a symbol is visible.

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              The help system is part of the operating system. FileMaker is simply using a built in tool.

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                Windows and Excellent in the same sentence while bashing on os X, on a Filemaker forum, with no understanding of what the "excellent search bar on the left" stands for ?


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                  I see two places to SEARCH fm help (v.14). The top "Search Help" is always available. Clicking the gear icon (or command-F shortcut) shows you the second (search within a "page").


                  Can you post screen shots of what you think is "missing"?

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                    Maybe they are looking for the right side 'Script Steps' flyout panel in the Script Workspace.  The icon for it is, indeed greyed out on Mac when there are no active scripts showing in the workspace.  As soon as you choose a script, however, the panel is available and clickable.  It has a mini-search window and the help info at the bottom once you select a step.

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                      yes, Drew, that was my next guess. That's why I requested a screen shot of what's seen and what seems to be 'missing' on OSx



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                        Help window under "Windows". Note the Panel on the LEFT side with a search which shows results ranked according to relevance.


                        Windows help.JPG

                        This seems to be not available under OSX. My question is how to get this on OSX?


                        PS. Dear Siplus: I use OSX at home but have to use Windows at work so I get the "best" of both worlds. :-)

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                          you are correct. there is no "side panel" for the search result on OSX. typing 'get' into the top search box, however does result in the same topics found in a list in the same window.