FMP14 Wrong Portal images displayed after scrolling

Discussion created by mardikennedy on Oct 18, 2015
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Has anyone else seen this?


Some background first:  One of my clients has an older version of one of my solutions.  It was originally written in FMP 10 but has behaved nicely through FMP upgrades over the years.  That solution is not optimised for .fmp12 (I did a complete rewrite of the solution for .fmp12, which this client doesn't yet have.)


They installed FMP 14.02 last week (sadly, just before the updater) and now one of the portals is behaving very poorly.  The layout has quite a lot of elements, including a smallish, reference portal of a found set.  The client needs a visual reference between the 'main record' and the others in the found set.  They love this tool.  Or they did, until FMP 14.  Now, if you scroll down the list and then back up, *different* images display  (to what was there moments before, before scrolling down and up).  The underlying data is absolutely fine so it's just a display issue but understandably the client is not happy.


The OS is 10.10.5


I can certainly come up with workarounds if I have to, and I'd prefer them to upgrade to the newer version of the solution, but I absolutely don't want to do this just because FMP no longer displays the data reliably - it just creates unnecessary ill will and mistrust.


Is this a known issue? Bug?  If I had them roll that particular machine back to FMP 13, leaving it on 10.10.5, would that do the trick?


Note:  I actually phased this style of display out of the new version of the solution as I've found portal scrolling to be increasingly problematic in v14, esp WD.