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    Proper Method for Using Checkboxes to Affect Searches in a List View


      What is the proper approach for introducing checkboxes that users can check or uncheck to affect the search performed to display desired records in a list view?


      So for example, when users come into a list view displaying trips, I am showing all trips dated from yesterday and today. By default I only want to show active (non completed) trips.


      But I want to have a couple of checkboxes in the header area labeled "Show Completed Trips" and "Show Bad Trips". If users check these boxes I want to expand the found set to include Trips::TripsStatus = "COMP" and Trips::BadTrip ≠ "" (has any value but blank).


      What is the best way to create such checkboxes? Do I create variables used for such navigation purposes? If so, I would appreciate some hints as  to how to do that as I am not well versed in variable set up and use.


      Thank you.