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Why did my FMPro12Adv crash?

Question asked by gregew on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by gregew

So I'm working on a new (a third) layout for a couple hours, and frequently saving my work.  Then FMPro crashes and I get an error crash msg recommending I "Recover," which I do.


But what was recovered was only the bare, 3-part, simple-background I had created within the first few minutes--none of my subsequent work was recovered!  So I had to re-do everything from scratch.


A crash has happened to me only once before, a couple years ago, and Recover worked like a charm.  But what happened this time?


Could it be because I keep my work on an NASD?  I hadn't started to do this until fairly recently, and so this is the only answer I could come up with.  Since then, I've been keeping my work locally, on my computer desktop, and occasionally "Saving a Copy As" to my NASD.  No problems since then, but that doesn't prove anything, really.


I'm on a Win7Pro 64bit PC.