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Best practice: executeSQL or dummy field

Question asked by RussW on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Jean-Francois

As I continue to modify my older solutions to work on mobile devices, and as I try to remove off-screen windows in order to fetch data from unrelated tables, I have learned to use the executeSQL command. But there are some unrelated tables that have a host of fields I need to grab and move into temporary variables and constructing a SQL query is taking a lot of typing that is hard to read and parsing the comma delimited rows, well, that would be really awful.


The shortcut as someone here showed me was using a dummy filed in both tables to make a one to many join. It is quick and easy and doesn't really waste any space, as if that really matters anymore.


So, is there a "best practice" in these sorts of situations or is it just programmer's choice? I want this code to be as elegant as possible and be able to be picked up by a new programmer when I am too old to deal with it.