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    FM14 – Graph will not keep settings



      I have a graph that is set to horizontal bar display.  Just three simple calc fields are included. However, if I navigate to another layout via a simple GTL script, then navigate back to the original layout via a GTL script, the graph now displays as an odd vertical column graph (sort of).  If I navigate (as a test) using the Filemaker layout dropdown, the graph retains its settings.


      Checking the settings, I can see that the graph is still set to horizontal bar display – reselecting these settings has no affect.  The only way to get the graph back to horizontal is to close the file and re-open it.  What I do notice is that once the graph loses its settings, the preview in graph set-up looks like neither a proper vertical bar chart nor a horizontal bar.


      This occurs on both Mac (Yosemite) and PC (Windows 8.1)  and occurs both on FMServer 14 hosted files and when a copy of the file is opened locally.  The graph has been built using FM14 natively and is not a copy and paste from an FM11 converted file.


      Any suggestions or comments would be gratefully received.


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          It is better to put your file (removing sensitive data) for check it, since graph has so many settings to replicate the issue.

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            Many thanks.  Uploading the file is not possible I'm afraid.  The database is multi file and my client is not one for uploading company data.  However, I have replicated a single file that has the same graph settings and similar structure to the actual one.  This, of course, does not have the same issue!


            I'm not sure if it would be helpful to see it?


            If so, how/where to I upload it?

            Thanks again.

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              You don't need upload the file not have the issue, it should be easy make it ourselves.

              So, you need compare them yourself and seek the difference.



              For later use, you can upload file here using "advanced editor" and "attach" link.

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                First off apologies to you and Filemaker.  The fault was mine.  I changed the way users logged into the file (creating a new User record  on every log-in).  However, I did not amend a completely different script to account for this change.  Basically, when the User navigated back to the graph layout I had left in a Show All Records script step.  The graph was trying to show summary data across the whole found set, not just a single record as was originally intended.   No wonder it went weird.


                Fixed it now.  Again my apologies.