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FM14 – Graph will not keep settings

Question asked by Abingdon on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Abingdon


I have a graph that is set to horizontal bar display.  Just three simple calc fields are included. However, if I navigate to another layout via a simple GTL script, then navigate back to the original layout via a GTL script, the graph now displays as an odd vertical column graph (sort of).  If I navigate (as a test) using the Filemaker layout dropdown, the graph retains its settings.


Checking the settings, I can see that the graph is still set to horizontal bar display – reselecting these settings has no affect.  The only way to get the graph back to horizontal is to close the file and re-open it.  What I do notice is that once the graph loses its settings, the preview in graph set-up looks like neither a proper vertical bar chart nor a horizontal bar.


This occurs on both Mac (Yosemite) and PC (Windows 8.1)  and occurs both on FMServer 14 hosted files and when a copy of the file is opened locally.  The graph has been built using FM14 natively and is not a copy and paste from an FM11 converted file.


Any suggestions or comments would be gratefully received.