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Question on Best Practice for Server Side Scripting login credentials

Question asked by mobilesimmo on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by sreese

I'm responsible for a fairly complex multi-file server-based solution that handles all of the operational, client and volunteer processes for a national charity.


We have automated as much of the repetitive interaction as we can, mainly using formatted emails generated by our client and volunteer facing website. On a nightly scheduled basis a set of server-side scripts read, parse and import the data in hundreds of emails contained in each of half a dozen different Exchange server email Inboxes.


Authentication of regular staff users is handled by Active Directory, with File-based authentication just for my own developer access - and of course, for the server-side script schedule login - there does not appear to be a way to use external authentication for Schedules.


After problems caused when I recently changed the login credentials for one of the Schedules, I realised that these login credentials get passed right along the chain of relationships between tables/files - for example, even if my script only needs access to two or three tables to do its job, if there are any other table relationships defined for those files, the script will try to open ALL of them up using the Schedule login credentials.


The only solution seems to be to add the File-based authentication login credentials I need for the Server-side scripting Schedule to every file in my solution (currently 23 files!).


Is there another way? What do you think is best practice?