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Need help - Seeking numerical order

Question asked by Stigge on Oct 21, 2015
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I have run in to a wall. =) am stuck, and checking now if anyone have any easy suggestion for me.


My Table:

ID = a number from 0001 to 9999 (as text, this is the last 4 digits on a PC name register)

Status = If the ID is "free" or "in use".


Now I need to build a function that when am purchasing new computers, lets say 10. I then need to find 10 numbers in a numerical order that are free, always the lowest numbers available that are in a 10 scoop.

Am guessing I need to use a global variable that I use to type in the number of ID`s I need. But now I need some sort of function that search these numbers in a numerical order. :/ that's where am stuck..


Next step is to use these ID`s to deploy them to model, purchase order numbers etc. but that the next problem I think =D


Anyone have any good ides ?