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Datefield format for path calculation

Question asked by jandavid on Oct 21, 2015
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I am storing media files in containers configured as open storage by calculating a path relative to the database based on two fields, a title field and a date field. 


The calculation is simply this:

Date & "/" & Title & "/"

(The "Date" is a field not a date, and that field is formatted as a date).

Now the actual folder structure that I get is:

Database > Day > Month > Year > Title >


How do I get the date field not to split up into Day, Month, and Year

(also: why the weird ordering of Day and Month above year in the hierarchy ??)

and instead as just one folder YYYY-MM-DD (which is the format that the field is in and also the format that I set my OS to).


Is there some command like AppleScripts "as text" to treat the date field as text for the sake of path calculation? 


Help greatly appreciated!