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How to executesql for stored procedure with parameters?

Question asked by KenHoopes on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by makerbert

I am basically trying to use filemaker as the frontend to an sql database, since filemaker is easy to deploy and I have no front end experience. To accomplish this, I plan on coding as much of it as I can in MS SQL, and was hoping to get assistance from the community on executing stored procedures with variables. See below.


The following is my executesql command in my script:


Execute SQL [ ODBC Data Source: “sampledb” ; SQL Text: EXECUTE sampleSP @parameter1,@parameter2 ]


I have a layout that is tied to a global table with two fields, and a button that executes the script.


How can I pass what is in the global fields to the two parameters?


A followup(less important), my SP is designed to "PRINT" feedback based on certain scenarios. Is there a way to pass that message back to filemaker?