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    Problem with repeating fields in FileMaker Server 13 with PHP Web Publishing


      Values retrieved from a repeating text field containing 32 values in a FileMaker 13 hosted database are incorrect when using the supplied PHP API. The values retrieved for items 0 to 15 contain the actual values for items 16 to 31 and the values retrieved for items 16 to 31 are empty. The values appear OK when using a FileMaker 13 Pro client to view the database. The database was converted form one hosted on a FileMaker Server 11 server which worked correctly with the corresponding PHP API.


      Database Server: FMS13.0.10.1004 on Windows 8.1 Pro

      Web Server: Apache 2.4.16 with PHP 5.6.14 & API supplied with FMS13 on Windows Vista (also tried with Apache 2.2.22 and PHP 5.4.45 on Debian Linusx 8.2).


      To reproduce: Create a database containing a table with a repeating text field with 32 repetitions using FM13Pro. Creat one or more records in the database table. Upload the database to FMS13. Create a PHP web application to read the repeating field and publish as a web page..