Need Help with Looping a whole record to copy to a new table.

Discussion created by YilbberVargas on Oct 19, 2015

I already have list.intersect, and able to Grab All the fields from both the tables to sort through,

However, I'm at a loss on how to Spread The values of listed fields and then Markup the Diffirence from the whole record.


so far I've got a variable with the correct executeSQL statements that generate the list of all the fields in Table A, all the fields in table B,

List.intersect generates the list of all the tables common in both.

I want to be able to Look at the Records in REcord b and see the whole record after each change.

My previous method just showed the last change.

my problem is that the method i used to get the contents relied upon object modify trigger, but this will be a web solution so I don't want that. I want to copy every cell in record A to Linked Record A in table B.

A Separate layout will show all the versions of Record A on Table A while showing all the versions of Record A on Table B.



i have named the Variables for each table, $Common for the comon table after list.intersect, $Backup for Table B, and $Table for Table A.

Table B has an auto id, and a seperate ID field that will store Table A's ID.

I know i have to construct a loop where The max count is equal to the valuecount of $common, but now I get the problem of getting all the fields from Table A to Table B.


do i need to do 2 loops or one will do it?


On a related note, I want to be able to selct a portal row and copy it back to Table A.

If a record is Deleted, I want a special marker created for the deletion, this part seems easy but i don't know off hand what sort of tirgger event that is.

As it is I am using FM14A.