Filemaker 14 keeps crashing

Discussion created by sunnychu on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by steveromig

I attempt to installed FM14 today and it turns out to keep crashing.


Some information below


- My computer running on window 7 professional


- I have been using FM13 advance on this computer and its perfectly fine


- I successfully installed FM14, type in my user name and get to see the introduction screen, and when I press "open file", it crashes the first time.


- After the initial crash, the FM14 program will immediately crash if i click into it via desktop shortcut icon.


- Hoever, the program will not crash if I open it by clicking an existing filemaker file, it will be able to open the file and do most function. But when I click on script workspace, it will immediately crash.


- I then try to install standard filemaker 14 (non-advanced version), i was again able to see the introduction screen, and when I try to open the script workspace it crashes again. And since then it has the exact issue as the advance version.