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    Remote access and data separation?


      So I have run across an interesting problem. Basically I need 4+ files on FMGo to use one solution. Is this normal? It is causing issues when previous connections do not fully close (when people walk away from the office while using FMGo and try to reconnect) but it is mostly a bit of a hassle. This is less of an issue on FMP but it still exists.


      The first issue seems to be not being able to dynamically assign external data sources in the client.


      The second issue seems to be that even though there are a few key pieces of data that are stored in the UI file for use when the remote client is offline as read only, if there is even just one field from an external source file nothing on the layout will display. I am sure there is some reason for this but it is a bit silly that data in the file that is on the client side will not display. If the external fields are removed from the layout the UI file data displays.


      File 1: Opener file that decides if there is a network connection at all and what the IP address is so the appropriate file can be opened.

      File 2: UI file for accessing the data file while in the office Wifi (ESS address fmnet:/192.168.xxx.xxx/filename)

      File 3: UI file for accessing the data file while out of the office (ESS address fmnet:/hostname.com/filename)

      File 4: UI file containing limited data only for read only offline reference. Maybe this could be solve with more layouts that are not ESS dependent.

      *File 5: Possible need to connect directly to the latest UI file hosted on the server without downloading it.


      Am I missing something here or is this how it has to be done? Maintaining this many UI files seems like a bit much.

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          I am still struggling with this issue. I thought all the data separation developers would have some sort of input on this.

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            So I happened to take the time to see what I was looking at.


            In the ESS setup window for the file path it is possible to enter a number of locations for the same file in an order of priority. First issue solved! Not sure why I did not notice this earlier or why no one bothered to mention it.


            Second issue is still a pain and is a FM issue. I will work around it with different layouts for now.

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              Hi Tom,


              Just out of curiosity, why don't you host the UI file on the server? I did some tests and did not find much speed diferences between a UI file on Go and hosted on the server, that would solve the issues with the connections to the data.


              If your first file determines if the user is in the office or outside and uses an Open Url to open de UI file with the correct address, now can you make the first file so clever that you can store offline info in here? than you would only need 1 file on Go.

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                it may depend on the UI file! I have a client with a very complex UI. It can be hosted 'in office' (FMS) for office users, but also can be placed directly on the laptop (or iPad). I can attest that it is MUCH faster this way when accessing the 'data' files remotely (out-of-office).

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                  Interesting. I did some testing when I was building a system hosted with an external hosting party and found no big differences then.

                  Since then the system has evolved, so I can do some more testing to see if things are changed.