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Discussion created by Draco on Oct 20, 2015

Hi, I just want to report a situation that has me wrong.

1.- I created an app. with FMA13.

2.- The scripts worked perfect in FM13 (for over a year)

3.- I'm "migrating" the app. to FMA14.

4.- ...in FM14 I have constant problems in the results produced by the same scripts.


- My client continuous furious,...and he has every reason.

        -> One app. that worked perfect (13), now has multiple problems (14v2v3).


The solution a script with problems :  absurd things ... as.  :

                      Re-writing a letter in the name of a variable.

                            Example :  on a script with problems. Imagine a script inside you declare a variable

                                              if re-writing a letter of the variable name,   ...


                              -> $aux  ->  erase x ($au)   ->  write x ($aux)

                            vualá... !!! ...now I run the script and calculates well.

                   it's like something be updated ... and begin to work well





THE SOLUTION ...check the correct operation of all the scripts,... one by one


   ...this is exhausting.


OSX 10.10.5