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14.3 Why Is auto enter last visited Not Always Working ?

Question asked by ScottBleackley on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by TSGal

see attached test db with a couple of initial records
     sample is a simple serial number so it is easy to see record changes.

     opening is auto enter last visited

     district is auto enter last visited


LastValue Test db
• on opening | create record | last accessed value is blank for sample and opening
     • because there is no last accessed record even though one is visible. 
     • How to make this the last accessed record ?
• if we immediately delete that record | create new record | value is blank for sample and opening
     • evidently there is still no last accessed record even though one is visible.
• also after delete if we manually select scroll or arrow another record and |
                new record also blank values
• if we create new record that is blank, do not delete it, and then move to another record
   and create a new record then  last accessed value is correct for sample and opening.

• if we move to a record with different opening and district values and create a new record
  this also works.


I am doing this test because I have code that has worked fine using this for some time which

now does not appear to work.  Hopefully it is just an assumption that I have made incorrectly.


How is last accessed record created?

How do I ensure that a record is the last accessed record?


Thank you, as usual, all thoughts are most welcome.



Defining automatic data entry | FileMaker

Enter the value from the same field of the last record you accessedSelect Value from last visited record.


Note  This value will be from the last record accessed in the table in which this options has been set

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