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Correct relationship for calc field (Lookup function)

Question asked by dnechytailo on Oct 21, 2015
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Dear all!


I have 2 tables: Companies and Ownership.

The first contains fields: Comp_Code ... Country ... etc.

The second contains: Comp_Code, Mother_Company ... Country. First 2 fields lookup company names from the first table (Companies). Country field in the second table is calc field and must lookup country name for Mother_Company based on Country assigned to a company in the 1st table.

Can you advise on correct relationship between both tables and proper Lookup function script for my calc field?

Thank you.


Example below:


Table 1: Companies

Comp_Code  … Country  …

AAA                          USA …

BBB               …       USA …

CCC               …      CAN …

DDD               …      CAN …


Table 2: Ownership

Comp_Code  Mother_Company  Country*

AAA                         BBB                USA

BBB                         CCC               USA

BBB                         DDD               CAN


Layout: Ownership


Company:                 BBB


Mother companies:

                                 CCC USA

                                 DDD CAN



* - calc field using Lookup function