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    FP 11 How to unshare a file.


      I turned off network sharing and shut down the Filemaker Pro file server but still get "currently in use and could not be opened" error.


      I am now the sole user and there is no point in running a Filemaker Pro server just for me.


      I want to open the file directly which was previously shared. 


      There must be some easy way to do this but searching "unshare" doesn't find much.

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          I want to add that both the former Filemaker Pro server and my current computer are Macs.

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            Also, the file is not stored on the same Mac that was being used as the Filemaker Pro server, which is now shut down.

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              Did you physically copied the fm-file to your local macintosh hd? Or are you trying to open the file from a disk (on the former FMServer or another computer) in the network?


              I would expect that you can open the file "read-only" because the owner and group would still be "fmserver" and "fmsadmin" ... I have seen "currently in use etc.", but I can't remember the situation. Unless you're not the only user in the network ;-)

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                I do not wish to copy the file to my local macintosh because the network file server is backed up and my local machine is not.  I have not moved the file.


                I know there is a performance penalty for operating this way but the database is relatively small and the penalty is not noticeable.


                I did make a copy in the same folder, which allows me to open the file (I think I became the new host) but I still get a warning about opening a shared file.


                I just don't want to share it or hear about it anymore.

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                  another penalty is that your copy of FMP is not able to determine if another FMP (or FMS) has that file open or that some backup-software is trying to copy it (which wil also lock the file, because no local program is using it)

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                    That's why I just want to un-share the original file.


                    I'm a programmer.  I know there has to be a way to unshare the file.

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                      Well you could try to turn sharing off in your copy of fmp, but you you will still have the issue that the file is in use, because that is not caused by filemaker.


                      As a programmer, you should know that there are other issues to consider as well, when you open files from a network-disk.


                      I am a programmer too and I actually prefer to develop using FMServer:

                      • crashes generally do not damage files, only records and that only sometimes,
                      • using progressive backups ensure that my changes to data-structure, scripts and layouts are saved every 10 minutes,
                      • full backups are made regularly,
                      • this situation resembles the situations my users use my software,
                      • I can test multiple environments at the same time (MacOS 10.X, Window X )

                      to name just a few advantages and i can't think of any disadvantages to be honest.

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                        I have turned off file sharing.


                        If Filemaker Pro is not causing the file in use error, who IS locking it?


                        There is no backup program using it.  No other program has any use for it all.

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                          open the commandline on the file-server and type

                          lsof | grep .fmp12

                          (lsof means LiSt Open Files) That should give you a result like:

                          FileMaker 2603 menno   70u     REG                1,1    258048 37183865 /Users/menno/Desktop/Example.fmp12

                          If a file is in use, if not it will be empty and maybe you should first try to open the file locally first, to see if it's not corrupted or so

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                            Thanks for providing that command line check.


                            I changed it to use the FP7 extensions used by FP11.  It found no open files.


                            I know the file is not corrupt because I can open it fine from the installation of FP11 I was using as a server.


                            Some programs use secondary lock files.  Is this something FP does but hides them?

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                              I suggest rebooting the machine where the file is stored. There may be some glitch confusing the OS into thinking that the file is still open or another user account on the same machine might have the file open. A restart should clear all of that, but it will be safer to check other user accounts first since a "forced quit" caused by restarting the machine--if the file really is open, could damage the file.


                              You will still get a warning message about the remote location, but it should let you open the file after dismissing the warning message.


                              If all else fails, use FMP 11 to recover the file.