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Summary and GetSummary fields issues in reports

Question asked by renti on Oct 21, 2015
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I have 2 reports in my application that share the same problem when trying to obtain the totals:


Stock report:

i want to show these 3 fields:

stock value for each product = stock x product price --> no problem

stock quantity for each product categorie --> summary stock --> no problem

stock value for each product categorie --> not working

total stock value (all products in the warehouse) --> not working


i face the same problem for the employees payrolls:

payroll for each employee = hours x hourly wage --> no problem

monthly hours for all the employees  --> summary hours--> no problem

total monthly wages (sum of the wages for all the employees) --> not working


i´ve been trying with GetSummary fields but not luck untill now. i hope someone could help me out