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Retrieve path of Drag and Dropped File

Question asked by dcoryh192 on Oct 22, 2015
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I am trying to make a database application as a library for my CAD software (Altium). I need to be able to store the path to individual Altium files that correspond to different parts. I have a script working that uses the Insert File dialog to store the reference of the file in a container, then parse that and convert it to the proper path format and store it in a text field. I would like to add drag and drop functionality to this as well.

I have been looking around and it doesn't look like it is possible to insert a file as a reference when dragging and dropping. It will always be embedded (or stored in an external location, which I do not want).


Is it possible to drag and drop, let the file be embedded, find the path that it came from, then delete the file from the container? All I want is the path of the file, but it would be a little inconvenient to use the Insert File dialog every time, especially since you can't seem to give it a default path to open up to.


Using FileMaker Pro 14 on Windows