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Script: Retrieving and entering Field values in Portal views of records

Question asked by AccordMetal on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by AccordMetal

I am attempting to insert a value into a specific field of a specific record after evaluating user input from the ActiveField of the same record shown in the portal view of the records. I successfully captured the initial ActiveFieldContents and ActivePortalRowNumber.

But I am unable to capture a field data from a field I created for tracing all entries within the Estimate Data table, a simple numbered index.  See line 3.

The user is in Estimate Data::ItemType of the applicable portal row, which I capture in line 1.

Nul data is the result of line 3.


1 Set Variable [ $CASE1 ; Value: Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ]

2 Set Variable [ $$PRow ; Value: Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) ]

3 Set Variable [ $temp1 ; Value: GetField ( Estimate Data::EntryTrace ) ]


I also tried to Go to Field ( Estimate Data::EntryTrace ) and then Get (ActiveFieldContents) without luck.


Eventually I want to input the result of user input concatenated to some text into a third field of the same portal row.


Any advice out there?

The concept is to use a popover as a mini calculator /spreadsheet for Length x Width x Thickness = Result. Concatenate it all together and place into a text field Estimate Data::Description. Everything except transferring the data into the correct fields seems to be working.