Interactive PDF scrolling problem in Pro 14 on Mac

Discussion created by Jeremiah_Hammond on Oct 22, 2015
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Interactive PDFs become unusable when scrolling them in Pro 14 on a Mac that has the Adobe PDF Viewer plug-in installed for Safari. Most of the PDF contents don't refresh as you scroll, so you effectively can't read the rest of the PDF below what's initially visible.


Here's an example. This is what's initially shown before scrolling. Looks good so far:

PDF Initial Contents.png

And this is what happens when you start scrolling:

PDF Scrolling Refresh Issue.png


A choppy mess, where most of the initial contents are still visible, and the edges (the bottom in particular) are jumbled and unreadable.


This is what the scrolled PDF should look like:

PDF Scrolled Properly.png


FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.3, Mac OS X 10.11

How to replicate

Download and install Adobe Reader for Mac, which should install the Adobe PDF Viewer plug-in for Safari. View a PDF in an interactive container in FileMaker 14, one long enough where you can scroll down. Start scrolling. Notice most of the contents don't refresh as you scroll.


Delete the two Adobe PDF Viewer plug-ins from the system's Internet Plug-Ins folder, then restart FileMaker.

Adobe PDF Viewer Plug-ins.png


Disabling the Adobe Reader plugin through Safari-->Preferences-->Security-->Plug-in Settings doesn't work.