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Unable to view PDF with FileMaker 14v3

Question asked by stephensexton on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by stephensexton

I have a client who is unable to view PDFs on two separate laptops that have been updated to OS X El Capitan and FMP 14v3.

The PDFs can be viewed in a container field, but not when optimised for interactive content.  An error appears:


Not Found (404)

File Not Found


I have removed 2 x Adobe plugins from 'Internet Plugins' and also Adobe Reader from Applications.

Emptied trash, Quit FileMaker and Restarted machine... same problem.


The same client also had problems scrolling PDFs in an interactive container field on a mac mini using OS X El Capitan and FMP 14v3.

This was fixed immediately after deleting 2 x Adobe plugins in the Internet Plugins folder.... but the issue of 'File not Found' remains with the laptops.


Has anyone else experienced this issue recently?  Any solutions or hints?

I thought these adobe issues were resolved in FM14.


Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Regards, Stephen Sexton