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    Oracle Enterprise Manager with FileMaker?


      There's an interest among our server administration group to start using something called Oracle Enterprise Manager (Enterprise Manager 12c - Total Cloud Control | Oracle). Allegedly, this beast has a snap-in for FileMaker, and the group is touting the ease of being able to manage patching, performance monitoring, and various other "better than sliced bread" wonderfulness. I can't really tell from the literature exactly what this thing does, but allowing automated management of a FileMaker server via an external tool makes me nervous. Since that might just be my ignorance talking, does anyone have any experience using this package with FileMaker Server?





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          Bumping this for visibility. Anyone have any advice for me?

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            bumping back at you! you said:

            Allegedly, this beast has a snap-in for FileMaker

            do you have any information on this "snap-in"?


            I found this about ODBC to FileMaker:


            & this:


            & this calling FileMaker a "spreadsheet":



            If ODDC and/or XML, then you may have options, of course.


            The transmission is usually the issue with any external API for use with FileMaker. This is where plug-ins can help.



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              Hey, Beverly. No, I don't have any further information on the "snap-in". According to the one person I've spoken with, this tool supposedly does performance monitoring, patch management, and the like. It doesn't sound like ODBC / API type connectivity. I did find the documents you referenced, but wasn't able to find anything remotely resembling what the admin was describing.


              Makes me nervous, as I said, because monkeying with the databases represents risk. (And the bit about calling FileMaker a "spreadsheet" does nothing for my comfort level.)   


              Anyway, I was just trying to see if anyone had seen this before. It looks like either the admin was misinformed, or Oracle just isn't documenting it on their web site. The admin got testy when I mentioned previous issues with virus scans and other third-party tools and cut off the conversation, so I'm not sure I want to go back to him until he has a chance to cool off.



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                yes, I get nervous, if I can't find the documentation for an application.


                My impression was that the "manager" is an interface to Oracle db - an "app" that does what many "manager-type" apps do for dbs. MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle have many 'interfaces', but they aren't built-in as we have with FM. And rarely are they API-like which allow external communication (as with ODBC or XML).


                If the admin was "talking-out-a-hat" then may be too embarrassed for further communication. But I have also found that some apps or API don't reveal documentation to "outsiders" (you must be a registered 'owner' of the software or subscriber to the API - or representative, such as a designated admin). So perhaps there is something not publicly available?


                Hopefully someone here has experience with the Enterprise Manager and can reveal enough to point you in the right direction.