Am I thinking right to use triggers and scripts?

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I've been playing around some more with this report card stuff for the school I volunteer at (using FMPv12). My goal is not to print a hardcopy report card  but create a PDF file for each student (an unique record in the table). For simplicity and since I couldn't normalize within the time-frame for this quarter, I am just using the Body part.


Currently, I'm guessing that to save each student as unique PDF, I use a combination of script trigger upon loading a new student record combined with other functions including save as PDF ... am I on the right track?


In the preview mode, hitting the "save as PDF" button will save all the students in one PDF ... is there to save as PDF only the active record? If so then I will figure out what functions are there to name the file uniquely, perhaps with student ID, and save to a blob field in that record.


Thank you for your help again!