Group By function in exporting records

Discussion created by ejones42 on Oct 22, 2015
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Hello everyone,


I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am wondering if there is something wrong - either with my installation or with me ;-)


I am running Filemaker Pro Advanced ver. 11.0 v.4 on Mac OS X Mavericks ver. 10.9.5.


I set up a data export (select File --> Export Records...) to Excel format, and set it to Group By "Entry Date."  Fine. Great.


But now, every time I open the "Export Records..." dialog box, the same settings I last used are there and I cannot seem to remove the "Group By" command from the Export settings screen.  I can remove all the items in "Specify Field Order for Export," no problem. But the "Entry date" sitting in "Group By" won't budge.


Is there a special keystroke to use? A magic wand? A crowbar? 


I've looked many places for info on this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


In Fear That It Is Something Soooo Obvious...