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When sending an e-mail the subject gets changed... Why that?

Question asked by on Oct 21, 2015
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I am still struggeling to send a simple e-mail with a pdf-attachment to my VOIP-provider to fay that document. Needed is only the destination number in the subject-line and a password-code in the mail-textbody. The PDF has to be attached.


As all this works when doing it with my mail-programm by hand but nit if I use the Filemaker script step (sendung by SMTP) I am investigating what may get changed or added to a mail that might get mis-interpretated by the fax-server of the provider.


What I found out now is that a plain fax number (like "030123456789") gets changed to "?UTF-8?B?MDMwOTE2OTAzNjQ=?="


If I send the same mail by "Thunderbird" and look what the subject line looks like it is just the plan number. Therefore the problem must be here.  How I can get a plain subject line?