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CRM - Email strategy

Question asked by on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by johnnyb


I note there are many FM CRM products available.

I have not attempted to build a full function CRM yet.

My experience is that  with respect to correspondence, a CRM should, at a minimum capture and record emails (and texts? and maybe even call records). I am intrigued by how developers approach this.

I can see that it would be 'relatively' easy to compose emails (text fields for address, cc message etc) and use 'Send mail' and then capture/record the outcomes of successful mailings , record a timestamp,text etc in a 'sent email' table, relate these to a contact and provide a portal or other list style interface for them.

How about emails from a client? or undeliverable notifications?

Do CRM's attempt to manage this, if so how?

Thanks for any thoughts or inputs.