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    Creating different interfaces


      Hi, I have been having some issues with Filemaker

      I have created a database where I store my photographs, I have one main interface where I can add a description for each and I added a drop-down menu where I can select the type of photograph

      however I would like to create two other interfaces that will only show one type of photographs

      ex: I have "black and white" and "colour" in the menu

      in one interface I would like to see only the b&w photos and in the other only the colour ones

      also I would like to be able to research a specific photo in each of these cases, is that possible?


      can someone remind me if it is possible to limit these interfaces only to research purposes?


      thanks in advance

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          If you have the "type" already set with each photograph, you can FIND by that value and use one "interface" to show the results.


          I think I would have your layout (for display) and have a global field (with the same drop-down used by Type). Then have a script trigger perform the actual find for that type.


          To allow the use to "find" within a type (already selected), Constrain Find will do that.


          But perhaps you need more than this?



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            I'm with Beverly on this. If you need to customize the fields for the different types, you might want to consider using slide panels. You can name them in the Inspector and use the Go to Object script step to switch back and forth as appropriate (event as you just scroll from record to record) to remove inapplicable elements based on the type.

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              Thank you I finally managed to do what I wanted!