Crash in layout with sorted portal

Discussion created by velistar on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by jlg89

Product and version FileMaker Pro Advanced14.0.3

OS and version  OS X 10.11.1




I have a database that launches on a MainMenu screen which has a button Patients. This is just a Go To layout button. The layout has a portal showing all patients and its based on a Cross-relation to show all records. Its a sorted relation. The database is hosted on a server with FM Server 14.0.2

How to replicate


When I click the button then FileMaker hangs for a few seconds showing "Sorting" dialog and then crashes. Every single time. This happens only on El Capitan with 14.0.3. Other computers on Yosemite and Maverics are just fine.



If I just select the layout manually from the default layout selector it goes to it no problem. Afterwards, the button works just fine