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    One Line Item many jobs


      I doing a solution for someone and they requested that when doing a purchase order, that one line item be costed over many jobs.  ie.  they want to purchase 100ft of edging.  they have three jobs, each requiring 30 ft.  I was thinking that when on the line item, they could click a button opening a popup that would contain a portal on it.  The portal would allow them to select a job(s) to attach to the line item.  This way when they could produce a purchase order for the whole order and also produce a list of material required for each job.  Does this make sense?



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          an inventoried products table, inventory transaction tables,  and an ordered items table. May be a good starting point since managing the inventory replenishment  will be a be a likely next step.

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            For this I would add another table related to the line item that tracks item qty and use that in the popover. This would allow easy update of how many feet used per job. If you enter total feet when you buy you can simply subtract the feet per job and track what is left. Also lets you track damaged material as well.