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classic theme is the fastest under FM14...

Discussion created by Markus Schneider on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by Benjamin Fehr

we are about to migrate a FM11 solution to FM14...

the solution was created from scratch under v11, single-file design, anchor-buoy. Creation Date: 2014. The layouts are simple, for data entry (no list creation, no fancy stuff,). The solution runs smooth under V11. The layouts are designed for 24" monitors, so there are quite some fields - but really not overloaded


the reason that this solution is still under V11 is that the customer left V12 out, V13 looked fine - but due to some issues under early V13 server, the time went by... So, we would like to bring all of the solutions of this customer to v14 now..


first tests were fine, printing was faster than under V11, the rest of the solution about the same speed. Looks very good so far (V14 is a bit faster, but that's beyond user-recognation)


we tried to create one layout new, using styles and an own theme (no one of the existing ones fits). After doing that, I was supriesed that going to that layout was much slower than with the one with the classic theme..

I got a 2 monitor setup, V11 on the left, V14 on the right, same network, both installations with FMS, V11 with one Plugin, V14 without any plugins (at the moment, there is no need for plugins)

the button that switches to that layout has only one scriptstep: 'go to layout'


I did some testing... I got an own CF to track times for specific processes and installed that

- the classic theme takes more time to calculate BUT: It draws FASTER on the screen

- users can work faster with the classic theme...


under 'styled' layouts, the 'go to layout' takes about 20 ms, under classic about 24 ms (average) - but the time it takes to draw the layout is really annoying, remarkable slower


compared with th solution under V11, classic under V14 is about the same speed, the 'styled' new layout much slower


what this means: If one migrates a proper solution from 11 to 14, there is no benefit when one creates new layouts to get rid of the classic theme